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Lish Kennels Training Program

My puppy training program is designed to give you and your puppy that tailored touch for a smooth beginning. This will allow your puppy to arrive started on crate training, basic obedience commands, and introduction to field work. You will know that your puppy was introduced into obedience, crate training, field work and beginning gunfire correctly. From 6-10 weeks of age your puppy will receive the following introductions:

Training Program:

      MONTH 1

·      Crate Training

·      Intro to beginning gunfire

·      Intro to water

·      Intro to birds (pigeons) and wild bird wings

·      Intro to field and nose tracking

·      Intro to retrieving

·      Beginning leash work

·      Obedience training:  sit, come, down, kennel, and no.

If you are interested in enrolling your puppy in my beginning training program, please email for availability. Spots are limited and advance reservations are recommended.

Please email:



The only thing better than hunting behind a well bred dog, is to hunt behind a well trained one! Happy Hunting All!




Click on the link to below to see my YouTube video. At 9 weeks old these pups can track an acre long trail: