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Superior Hunting Dogs

AKC Golden Retrievers - Lish Kennels

Lish's Rusty Red Feather Collector JH
Lish's Golden Cajun Roux

AKC FIELD BRED Golden Retrievers. My breeding program is very straight forward: I am striving for betterment of the breed. Dogs included in my breeding program demonstrate high retrieving instinct and prey drive, love of water, eager to please, and family compatible temperaments. You may have noticed that "field bred" Goldens are nearly a dying breed now days. In my breeding program, I am looking to maintain and encourage the Goldens natural instincts and build what is inherited. My family and I have owned Goldens for 5 generations now. We do not have the genetic problems now prone in some Golden lines. I am confident in the dogs that I am producing and the genetics that are being forwarded on so much so, that I offer a written guarantee with each of my pups.  

My Goldens are bred to make both excellent family companions and superb hunting dogs.  I take great pride in all of my Dogs and deliver quality Hunting and Home Companions. Puppies will have their first vaccination shots before going to their new homes. Puppies also come accompanied with their AKC registrations papers (both limited and full registration available), bill of sale & written 26 month health guarantee. Puppies come well socialized with both adults and children. Training services are also available for your new puppy:

Please see the slide show below and additional info for each my dogs:

Lish's Rusty Red Feather Collector JH

About the Sire: Lish's Rusty Red Feather Collector JH; Rusty exhibits tremendous prey drive, trainability, is a great companion, and true people pleaser through and through. Besides having a true golden temperament, Rusty is currently recognized by AKC with his Junior Hunter title for his accomplishments in hunt tests. Rusty also boasts an incredible pedigree. Rusty is the grandson of one of the most decorated Golden Retrievers of all time:


For more information, pictures, and pedigree please visit Rusty's page: 

Lish's Golden Cajun Roux

More about Roux: Roux is an outgoing Golden. She loves to quarter and search the field for birds. She has a lot of prey drive and loves to please. She is also very people driven and loves attention and praise for a job well done. She has the drive and energy to last the day, with an athletic build to boot.  

Lish's Strawberry Get Your Guns

More about Strawberry: Strawberry is a real nice dog. We are pretty partial to her. She has a calm demeanor and a true golden temperament. She's real laid-back and easygoing but a great bird dog too. I think she's absolutely gorgeous, dark golden just like Rusty. Her full name is Strawberry Shortcake. Although that's not her registered name. She was named by my daughter when we picked her up at just six weeks old. And she's been with us ever since then.  

Lish's Lady Fetchem Ducks JH

Lady is a dog bred & raised right here at Lish Kennels. She is a Rusty x Strawberry daughter (both pictured above). Lady has strong work ethics and loves being a working girl. She has a can do attitude and a true golden temperament with a heart of gold. She is pictured above as a pup & then 1 year later! Lady is currently recognized by AKC with her JH title. We are very pleased with all aspects of Lady including color, work ethics, & temperament. We have kept a girl from her first litter and now have 3 generations of this family line here with us. 

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Past Puppies shown below:
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